The most widespread method of resin extraction in Europe is the so-called bark scraper method with stimulation. It is a highly specialised forestry work based on the realization of precise horizontal incisions on the tree trunk, sectioning the resin channels in the most superficial part of the bark. Some resin workers refer to this practice as "tree surgery" because of the precision required for its execution.

The tools of resin workers are specialized tools that can be made in a traditional blacksmith's shop. However, the majority of local blacksmiths don’t know the design and the manufacturing parameters of such tools.

The SustForest Plus project has produced a series of nine technical sheets, available in PDF format, which will allow local blacksmiths and small metal workshops to manufacture the main resin tools.

Each sheet is dedicated to a specific tool or accessory and contains a general description of what the tool is and how it is used. In addition, for each tool, the materials, dimensions and phases of manufacturing are described.

One of the most important elements of the sheet is the dimensional sketches of all the pieces, which can also be downloaded from the website.

Although a brief explanation of how to use each of the tools is given in the sheets, the aim of this manual is only to describe the parameters required for their manufacture: it is not a manual for the extraction of resin. It should be considered that, although the resination technique is relatively easy to learn, it can become a profitable and safe activity for resin workers only with the help of an instructor, safe also from the phytosanitary point of view. Therefore, it is not recommended to manufacture the tools to start the resination in a self-taught way.

To access the technical information on each sheet, click on the image