The Network of plots for Resin experimentation Sust-Forest - ResinLab- is a Scientific-Technical infrastructure to improve the experimentation and monitoring at medium and long-term the resin activity. It is a heterogeneous network with different types of plots (in its size, design and other characteristics) and with different objectives (resin production evaluation, quality, forest management, among others) but with the main objective of experimentation on resin production. For the inclusion of a plot in this network, it must be approved by the network manager to ensure the quality of the data obtained, and its permanence during the periods of evaluation. The acceptance is based on compliance with a minimum set of requirements related to its establishment and monitoring,

The network is constituted as a virtual lab, so that the activities carried out in each of the plots are executed and financed by the responsible of the plot, and of the experimentation.

To carry out any activity in the SustForest Resin Lab network, you must submit a request for actions to the manager, which will be evaluated with those responsible for the plot to ensure its viability and concurrence with other ongoing activities. This access allows access to the available information and it allows to carry out R + D + i activities on the plot. It obliges to fulfill the conditions related to the execution of activities and data policy derived from this action.

The integrated management system consists of the following components:

There are two levels of management: internal and external to the members of the network.

The internal network management includes the following activities:

External network management includes the following activities:

It follows the data policy of SustForest Plus (Annex 1). If the plot modifies the general SustForest Resin Lab data policy, it must be stated. Any restriction must be justified in order to be acceptable. The data included in the repository may be subject to an agreement to access and data use (see example in Annex 2).

The data and protocols for measuring and monitoring the plots will be deposited in a public repository.

A scientific responsible (person in charge of the plot data) will be identified, who may be asked the necessary questions about the plot data.

Any publication derived from the data obtained in the plot must be recognized according to the SustForest Resin Lab citation policy (authors of the data, responsible for the plots).

ResinLab is responsible for maintaining the website of the network. The Network Manager will periodically request the responsible of the plots to update the information collected. Periodically, coordination meetings will be held between the Network Manager and those responsible for the plots to evaluate the activities necessary for the maintenance of the network.

The monitoring of the network will allow to periodically evaluate (at least every 4 years, corresponding to the period of appointment of the network manager) the activity carried out and its adaptation to the objectives set for its creation. The following information will be analysed:

I want to include myh plot in the SustForest Resin Lab Network

If you wish to join the SustForest Resin Lab Network, you must submit the following application form and the data policy agreement, duly completed at the following email address

Request for information

Below you can consult different information about each of the plots that appear on the following map and list. If you need more information, you must request it through the following form